Google Chrome

logo google chrome Google Chrome is the newest player in the webbrowser war.
Developed by Internets Nr. 1 Company Google this browser has a massive advantage over other (competing) webbrowsers: the online knowledge of Google Inc exceeds the one of other companies.

Being an online company, relying completely on the internet, Google knows what is important for people using the internet. Google knows what the surfing crowd wants : we want a fast, safe and simple browser!
Yes, that is exactly what we need. People might forget that chrome is opensource, has a very good integration of webapplications (like gmail, docs and calendar), is very small in size, is stable, has tabs and uses very little memory resources.
That is exactly why you should download Google Chrome give it a try.

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox Mozilla Firefox is a web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation and a large community of external contributors.
It is a cross-platform browser, providing support for various versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

More info about Firefox can be found here.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

This is a big NO-NO. Stay away from it. It's evil.
Let's not waste any words on this subject.