Chrome testimonials

to Chrome or not to Chrome

Well, i downloaded, installed and tried Google Chrome on day 2 it came out, and i love it ! Compared to my previous browser, Internet Explorer, it is a massive improvement ! What a speedy piece of software that is. I like it, I love it, I Chrome it !

from Firefox to Chrome

I have to admit : i am not a big Microsoft fan, never have been, never will be... So Internet Explorer never had a chance on my pc's I was very happy with Mozilla Firefox, it did all i wanted it to do. A satisfied customer i was. But then i learned about Chrome. So i decided to give it a try, being sure I would be using Firefox again pretty soon. It turned out otherwise... Now, some months later, i'm still using the Google browser.

Chrome for webapplications

Hi there, i am Alan, and i am a webapplication developer. Never been so happy since i discovered Google Chrome. It's faster and safer, and above all it's optimised for the webapplications i will write !